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”Fertiliser is good for the father and bad for the son” is a Dutch saying, referring to the short-sightedness of using just chemical fertilisers on any given land. With ETE.FERTTM we offer a way to fertilise your crops and maintain or even restore soil health in one go.


Pathogen free organic fertiliser by etekin


When only NPK is applied as synthetic fertilizers , not only soils and plants, but consequently also animals and humans, develop deficiencies of trace- and micronutrients.

In the early 1950s,  Sir Albert Howard (8 December 1873 – 20 October 1947), English botanist and organic farming pioneer, said the prophetic words “In the years to come, chemical fertilisers will be considered as one of the greatest follies of the Industrial epoch”. His words now are beginning to come true.

Chemical fertilisers block the soil capillaries which supply nutrients and water to plants. Infiltration of rain is stopped, runoff increases and soils face droughts requiring even more irrigation.

Excess nitrogen in the root zone also denies nutrients to the plant. The negatively charged ions in the nitrates take the cations of other elements away from the root zone, thereby robbing the trees and plants of positive cations such as magnesium and calcium ions. ETE.FERT™ restores soil health, restores yields.