The ETEKIN™ way of Organic Fertiliser Manufacturing, 

Description & flowchart

*Collection hall *ETEKIN™ reactor
*Bunker system *Condenser cooling
*Feeding system *Bagging station

The system is designed to transform poultry manure with or without litter into high-end organic fertiliser by means of a closed batch, emission free system.

After reception of the manure by trucks, the material is to be dumped into the receiving hoppers by means of loaders. Each and every reactor is then fed from its own receiving hopper by means of a conveyor belt.

The double walled ETEKIN™ reactor is equipped with a hollow-axis through which the heat is provided by means of a 3bar steam. Maximal heat transfer thus is obtained. Simultaneous three spot temperature measurement assures a uniform temperature throughout the batch.

Vacuum pump technology then reduces the absolute pressure inside the reactor leading to a drop of the water boiling temperature to as low as 30°C to 32°C in the core of the to be treated material.

An integrated heat exchanger assures that all evaporated water is condensed after which it can be treated by reverse osmosis for re-use as clean water. The whole unit being installed on weight cells is constantly monitored and informs the operator in real time about humidity, temperature and pressure.

When the requested percentage of dry matter is reached the batch cycle stops and the reactor will automatically empty itself.

When emptied, the dried powdered product is stored in silos from where is will be taken, by means of screw conveyors,

to a pelletiser. From there, after cooling, the pellets will be taken to a bagging and/or packing line.

The modular set-up of the factory favours short construction times and allows easy extension