With hundreds of millions of hectares of arable land being lost on a yearly basis, the demand for high quality, high nutrient and safe organic fertiliser is rising day by day.

The world seems to realise that the short term thinking of fast yields through the use of synthetic fertilisers only might come with a higher price than expected.

It has been shown and experienced around the globe that chemical fertiliser alone will not do the job. Restoring the soil’s organic matter level and using slow release forms of Nitrogen has gained substantial interest in the last decade.

The awareness of the long-term positive impact of soil health on overall profitability in agriculture is growing by the day.

But because everybody has his core business it is not always opportune to step into a new venture like for example fertiliser trading.

For these situations, in which one prefers to focus on his poultry production facility, but still wishes to valorise instead of waste the manure that comes from it, we offer our customers worldwide to partner up with us and let us trade their Organic Fertiliser for them. We call it the ETEKINTM Partnership allianceTM